Sunday, June 5, 2011

the hundred dresses

In 1944 a book called The Hundred Dresses was published by Harcourt Inc. It was written by Eleanor Estes and Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin. It has since been republished twice, currently with an introduction by Helena Estes. It is a book for children ages 6 and up that teaches kindness, compassion, and standing up for what's right. I have not read the book. But I will be buying it tomorrow!

I learned of the book through Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair, who used the book as inspiration to create a family project. Grandma draws the outlines of the dresses and sends them to her granddaughters who then use crayons, watercolors, and their imagination to color the dresses. They intend to complete one hundred dresses. Like the book.

Not only do I think these water color dresses are simply divine works of art, I am absolutely smitten with the idea of how a simple art project can bring a family together. So many of us live miles and miles from our parents and grandparents. What an incredibly unique way to bring those lives closer and actually create... together. And it doesn't have to be water color dresses.... there are endless options. 

But I'm partial to the dresses. Hear that, Grandma?