about me

Kristi is a camera toting, latte sipping, paddle boarding, om chanting, perpetually redecorating, habitually merchandising, Etsy addicted, jewelry junkie and pretty little thing loving mom.

She loves vintage goodness, mid-century modern decor, stylish kids, clever crafts, everything Etsy and coffee. Oh, how she loves coffee.

 She spent fifteen years in corporate retail buying, selling, merchandising & designing before settling down to spend some quality time with her babies in her home by the bay.  But, as it turns out, passionate women have a hard time settling. It was a this time that she launched her own line, zuzu girl handmade.

Many of you found Kristi through zuzu girl on Etsy and we're thrilled that you did. And, while it was an incredible ride while it lasted, all good things must come to an end. Kristi rejoined the glamorous world of corporate retail in June of 2011, and is currently responsible for the product development and merchandising of children's products for a major home furnishings retailer.

But, while it was essential to close the doors on zuzu girl, there was no stopping her from blogging.  Because habitual merchants & perpetual redecorators, even when employed, still need a beautiful place to unload. 

So please, join us on our little adventure... it's beautiful here!

Kristi also holds the position of Dwell Editor for the free, online magazine Modern Handmade Child.

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