Wednesday, March 4, 2009

six by six

Well, it appears that my friend over at TiLT has been very busy this weekend. (Not to mention the fact that she writes THREE blogs.) This time, she has tagged me in a meme called "six by six". Click here to see TiLT's "six by six".

The above photo is supposed to be the sixth picture in the sixth album in my photo library. Thus, the name. However, I must admit that this darling photo of Gage & Zuzu being super silly is really the fifth picture in the sixth album in my photo library. Yes, I cheated. But for the good of my children and stalkers everywhere. See, my children quite prefer to be naked and the sixth photo was a waist down shot. It's really darling but I just wouldn't feel right posting it here for all to see. (of course it did circulate to the entire family the night it was taken) I'll set it up for you...they are looking out the sliding glass door. Gage is wearing a pair of my black flip-flops, Zuzu has on her bright pink crocs and they are showing off the most adorable tushies. Ever.

The above picture was taken the same evening and, if you look close you will see that it was last February. (I got a new computer last year so my photos are all pretty recent) My how time flies! Gage was doing a silly song and dance performance for me before bed and little sis hopped up on the bench to sing along. They are a hoot and a half. I could just eat 'em up. Oh yeah, I do.

Just for kicks I went to my on-line photo gallery to see what the "six-by six" was in the later archives. I had to cheat a little here too because some of the albums were Scott's and I don't even know who's in them. But the sixth photo in the sixth album that I shot was this...

Bella Bean's first night with us...12/20/01...

And while I'm walking down memory lane, and since you rarely get to see me, this is the eleventh photo in the second album. I'm wearing a wig (clearly) at the local art festival. 9/2/01....

And now for the fun stuff. I get to tag six more bloggers. You're it! Let's see your six by six...
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TiLT said...

Love the pic! Very funny too, b/c as I was looking at it (before I read it) I was wondering what the rest in that 'series' looked like :) It's too cute of a scene not to have a ton of shots.