Monday, April 20, 2009


As we approach Earth Day I thought it only fitting to feature a little shop that's doing big things for our environment. Meet Mama Made & her absolutely fabulous reusable snack and sandwich bags.

Our schools in Northern California are "no waste" schools meaning that what goes to school and doesn't get eaten comes back home. We aim for zero waste in our lunch boxes and we do our best to practice the same thoughtfulness outside of school. These bags will be the perfect addition to our current assortment of eco-friendly bags & containers.

The outside of Mama Made's bags come in assorted, colorful cotton prints. The inside of the bag is lined with a waterproof polyurethane laminated knit. The bags fasten with a 1/2" x 6" hook and loop tape closure. The small size bags (shown here) retail for $6.00 and the larger sandwich bag is only $7.00. And here's the kicker...if you buy three bags she'll discount each bag 20% off. Gotta love a volume discount on something you can use lots of!

Mama Made has been involved with Etsy for two years now & is a member of EtsyKids. One thing to note, however. If you go looking for the darling prints shown above you might be out of luck...cause I'm going shopping as soon as I hit "publish post". Race you!

3 comments: said...

What a lovely shop! I think I might have to take advantage of that deal, those snack totes are cute and love that they are good for the environment! Thank for sharing girly!

Jamie :-)

Shauna said...

I think I must love everything you love, Kristi. Good taste!!

carollai said...

those are so great! :) i have to say, the pics are awesome too. now i'm craving me some gummy bears. :D i love the thought behind it all... no waste. so wonderful. thanks for sharing. shall head on over to check her things out.