Thursday, October 8, 2009

missy loo-hoo

Meet Lucy. (If you haven't already) Lucy got a new sweater today. Isn't it just divine? Lucy loves it. Well, as far as sweaters go on dogs I'd say she's pretty smitten. My Etsy friend Anne over at Beantown Handmade custom made the sweater just for us. She has a variety of styles available and colors too. It's like making your own sweater...without actually doing any of the work. Can't beat that. So, while I'm not quite ready for Fall, or the 4 month rainy season that is San Francisco, Lucy sure is!

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Bean said...

Lucy is absolutely adorable! What a fantastic model. I'm so glad she enjoys her new sweater, and I hope she stays nice and warm in your brutal California winters ;) Thanks again!