Monday, February 22, 2010

orange crush

It's no secret that I love orange.  If you've read my blog, perused my Etsy favorites or been to my home it's pretty clear.  Not sure why.  Or when it started.  It's just IS.

So imagine my surprise when my dear friend Shauna from Lemon Drop Studio sent me the link to a blog called "How About Orange..." and then... it was FABULOUS! The brain child of Jessica Jones, who also clearly loves orange, the blog has something for everyone.  Shauna sent me there to checkout the lovely free downloads for my Twitter background.  But I found oh, so much more.  Jessica has a darling Etsy shop and a DIY Tutorial collection that's drool worthy.  And I mean that in the kindest way.  Above are images from three of my favorite DIY projects.  On the first page of the blog.  Seriously, I think How About Orange... may be my new time suck.  Cause I need another one.  Dont' you?



Shauna said...

SO happy you're an Orange lover, too! I knew I could trust you!

Amanda said...

Orange is my favorite, too!