Friday, August 22, 2008

cozy up

So I saw this tonight on Outblush and, as a daily coffee shop patron, my initial thought was wow, that's smart. I definitely have a guilt complex about the store provided "sleeves" and the amount of waste that they create. However, I spent another thirty seconds on the subject before adding one to my virtual shopping cart and came up with these contradictory thoughts...

1. It really could be much cuter. I mean, if I'm going to walk around with it on my key chain or handbag all day it should be pretty.
2. Couldn't we just save the brown paper versions and use them again?
3. Instead of bringing a "kozy" why not bring an insulated cup? Yes, I get it, then there are the burdens of washing it ever night and remembering it every morning but that would take care of the daily "kozy"...and the cup.

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