Saturday, October 18, 2008


Welcome to zuzu girl handmade. We think it's quite beautiful here!

We hope to maintain this blog to share new ideas and products from zuzu girl handmade as well as to promote other handmade products from proud EtsyMoms. Buying handmade is good for the community and for the environment and many of these moms are pretty darn talented!

We're busy this weekend building a small assortment for Goodnite Moon, a charming children's boutique (one of our favorites!) in Corte Madera, California. We're excited and a tad nervous to deliver our very first retail order. Wish us luck and we'll be back soon...


Susan said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kristi and Zuzu! May you sell out quickly and find your self knee deep in glue sticks and feathers and blooms and ribbon and sticks, and, well, other fun stuff!!!!

kristi said...

This has been a pretty quick leap for me. Today my son finally took a look at my desk and asked, "Why is Zuzu's name all over your work?" I gently explained that was the name of mommy's new business and he was terribly jealous. You have any ideas for a company called gage boy?