Saturday, May 2, 2009

art abounds

Did I ever tell you that I get bored easily? Probably has something to do with the two blogs and all the social media accounts but that's for another post. Today, I followed through on something that's been driving me batty for long enough. Zuzu's room decor. Now, I take full credit for the current decor. And it is lovely. It really is. But it's pink and brown. Just pink and brown. And I'm bored. So today I bought her this quilt from anthropologie & four new interchangable fronts in orange, lime green, hot pink & blue for her six piece, currently pink & chocolate, via toy box. (love these by the must visit that link!)

Needless to say, and by now you know where I'm going, I need to replace some of the current artwork on her walls as well so I started surfing Etsy art for children and oh my. In addition to all the fabulous artists that I've already highlighted on this blog here, here, & here I've stumbled on a handful of super talented artists. Each artist is represented twice above and this is how you find them....

1. love is everything & studio mela collage by dazeychic
2. I heart you & love birds and owl by printspace
3. summer owls & the best kind of day by stephaniefizer
4. leo and penny & benny and carlos by stubborndog
5. april showers bring may flowers & I carry your heart by calobee

What's your favorite??

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