Monday, August 9, 2010

fruit salad ice cream cone

When Naomi put this post up on her blog a few days back, she actually referred to herself as "mad in the head".  I'm assuming she did this because she writes a blog called Bakers Royale, and I can appreciate that this is hardly baking but, mad in the head?  Nope.  Brilliant.  Love it. 

Although I'm still not honestly sure what I think about the hidden candy treasure in the bottom (read her entire post - they need something to weigh them down).  Kinda defeats the purpose.  And the rice is, as she says, "boring!"  How about a few little (or one really big) "natural" vanilla marshmallows like they sell at whole foods?  My kids would definitely go for that!  

Although, admittedly, they would prefer the skittles.

Thanks go to Modern Handmade Child on Facebook for the link!

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