Sunday, March 20, 2011

tech candy

The only thing wrong with this product? They've done too good a job at design and with four equally appealing choices it's nearly impossible to make up one's mind!

First seen here, I am newly obsessed with these versatile and stylish tech candy iphone covers.  For $29.99 (less than most single cases they sell at the Apple store) you get a three piece mix and match set comprised of two silicon wraps and a decorative outer shell.  Four different patterns are available for the iphone4 and two for the ipad.

Also available? Free screen patterns you can download directly to your phone. So your screen saver matches your case. Not sure I'd go quite that far... but it's nice to have the option!

I receive nothing for promoting the products I like. Except maybe the sheer satisfaction of knowing that someone else is now driving themselves crazy trying to choose between styles.

post script:
I finally settled on a design.  Three hours later.  I just ordered the Barcelona (first picture, apple green & chocolate brown).


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