Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fall. Fashion. Now?

I love Nordstroms as much as the next gal but I have an undeniable love/hate relationship with the new catalog that just arrived. Love some of the new fall fashion like the yummy chocolate leather must-haves on pg 8. Hate that they have the audacity to make me think about

Of all people you think that I would be accustomed to this by now. In my prior life I would be sweating it out right now, crossing fingers and toes that all the containers were pulling into port for the Fall floor set. We knew it was a little nutty but we simply did it because everyone else did.

But really folks. The kids just finished school. We're living and playing in the heart of summer... bathing suits.. sandy bottoms... sprinklers... popsicles... corn on the theaters... ice cold beer... long days & lazy nights.

Please explain something to me. What in the world am I going to do with knee high chocolate leather boots on July 18th? Might they look sweet with my new tank-ini? Nah.

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