Tuesday, July 29, 2008

trash talkin'

I received a very passionate comment this morning regarding last night's post. So passionate, that I feel compelled to share some of the details.

Now, I am certainly no expert on hair ties, I was simply directing my readers to a product that I found new and exciting. There appears, however, to be some controversy regarding the original owner of the design and it seems that I have offended someone by promoting last night's brand. I do apologize, that was clearly never my intention.

Upon advisement, I clicked on over to Trash Ties and, while I have absolutely no legal expertise whatsoever, it does appear that Heather Bailey owns the patent to the invention. Even better still, she also has a great blog and a keen eye for all things pretty.

I still adore the concept of these nifty hair ties and I hope that all parties involved settle things fairly real soon.

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DKnotz said...

Thank you so much for finding out the truth. I too hope that trash ties does find justice in this unfortunate situation. You are absolutely right on to state that Heather Bailey has a keen eye. She is talented designer with a flare for new and fresh innovative style. Thanks again for checking into the story behind trash ties.