Monday, July 28, 2008


How fun do these look? Found on cool mom picks & sold by knotheads. Available in two sizes & a small assortment of colors with a collection of head shots for inspiration.


DKnotz said...

I see that you put a reference to knotheads on this blog and I just wanted you to know that the knotheads’ company has been based on lies and fraud. Their product is a stolen idea, a stolen business plan, stolen marketing ideas, etc. Trash ties, a patent product is the real deal and was created almost ten years ago by a well known designer Heather Bailey. They have their own website… Jessica law is in no way affiliated with or had permission from Trash Ties. Just beware of their company and the lies that have come with it. If you look at the poses and some of the pics at knotheads’ website …much is the same as trash ties. Trash Ties is the Original and creator of all of us, in which, Jessica Law stole from. Just check out the truth.

kristi said...

Thanks for your comment, dknotz. I appreciate the information. I checked out the trash ties website and it is pretty awesome. I will publish a post about them as well later this evening.