Tuesday, November 25, 2008

cleaning up

Don't these images almost make you feel dirty?!

Well, I finally started my holiday shopping on Saturday and I ordered some of this glorious soap from sea sprite soaps. It's clearly supposed to be a gift, but I can't say for whom because they just might be reading this, and there is a very good chance they might not actually receive the gift. Admittedly, I have not yet opened up the beautiful gift wrapping but I have moved the yummy smelling packages from the kitchen to my bathroom. Not a good sign for the intended recipient.

Check out sea sprite's shop. She's an etsymom and she's cleaning up!


Amanda said...

haha. I'm crazy over soaps and things, too! A perfume roll on that I ordered from http://madcitysue.etsy.com for my sister already got stolen by me! I just couldn't resist it!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for liking my soaps Kristi -- I hope your giftee likes them, if they get that far, LOL :D