Tuesday, November 3, 2009

paint it yourself

Daisy Creek Designs offers a super cool collection of rhinestone tees & accessories or as the shop deservedly boasts, "unique, sassy, and fun clothing and gift items for kids and adults alike!" The owner, Liz, is a Kindergarten teacher, devoted mom and all around neat lady. And she just recently she added these PIY tees (paint it yourself) to her line. The moment I saw one I was hooked. Fortunately for me, I've got connections and only a few hundred miles between me and the tee.

I held off painting for a few days because the mood had to be right. I wanted to make sure we were well fed, napped & genuinely excited to create. And we were! Zuzu had a blast painting and I took 90+ photos of the process. (A quick scroll down will leave you relieved to know that I'm only going to share about a dozen or so with you). View the photos clockwise for the full effect and apologies for the missing shirt on my little artist. We tend to remove articles of clothing when we paint...
(if you click on the collage it gets MUCH bigger)

Zuzu can't wait to wear her creation tomorrow and she will remember the afternoon painting experience with mom every time she does. At $18.00 plus minimal shipping these make fabulous birthday gifts or stocking stuffers for any budding artist! The link once again? Sure! Click HERE.

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