Sunday, January 10, 2010

apartment therapy

It was love at first sight. The colors, the styling, the combination of danish modern furniture and whimsical accents and the irresistible presence of art. Simply lovely.

This is the home of Lisa Congdon as featured by Apartment Therapy and blogged about at a few things from my life. Lisa is co-owner of San Francisco shop Rare Device which is equally as divine.

I really love the way she has infused color into the kitchen. It was the first thing that got me. It is such a dominant force in the design yet still manages to remain subtle. Nicely done.

Love the combination of art & chotchkies in this room. The art is arranged in such an informal way yet it works with the balance of the lamps and vases on the table. Oh yeah, and that print in the middle is awesome.

What a fab hallway. From the decorative wainscoting, to the simple lighting, to the linear art arrangement. Even the pup is stylish!


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