Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i {heart} new york

I love California. I can't imagine I'll ever leave. But I definitely have occasional New York withdrawal. Enter exhibit #1. Moomah

Moomah is an indoor retreat for kids and their parents with a decor inspired by the simplicity and warmth in nature, activities that are low key and creatively driven, and food that the entire family can enjoy.  How fabulous is this concept and exactly why doesn't the Bay Area have a "Moomah" yet?

Headers on the about page of their website include "connect", "discover" and "nourish".  I like these words and I would like to visit this little oasis. So someone either needs to deliver our family to Tribeca stat or they need to bring it to us.  While it's still cold and rainy out.  Please.  And thank you.


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