Tuesday, January 19, 2010

we {heart} crayons

Ever wonder what to do with your old broken crayons?  You know, the little pieces that your kids artfully peel the paper off?  We say bake 'em.  Really! And we promise, it's the quicker and easier than you imagine.

Just break up the crayons and toss them in a muffin pan (or better yet, have your kids do that part if they haven't already).  I've used both silicon & metal baking pans.  They both work just fine.  Use any shape pan, we chose a heart pan for valentines day.  You can either mix up the colors for a tie-dye effect or keep them in the same color range for a cleaner look. 

Pop them into a 250 degree preheated oven for 10-15 minutes depending on the depth of the pan.  Put a cookie sheet underneath to help in retrieving them later.

Be careful taking them out of the oven as the wax is liquid and runs over the sides pretty easily.  It also cools pretty quickly.  Wait about 20 minutes, flip the pan upside down and you are good to go.

These make fabulous valentines for your preschool age kids...just be sure to remind them that they are not edible!

Come see our article in the Spring modern handmade child issue launching February 1st for this and more homemade valentine ideas!


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