Tuesday, November 2, 2010

get to the point!

I'm nuts for needlepoint.  Seriously.  What is up with this?  I just turned forty (that part is read softly as if whispering) and all of the sudden I'm acting like a Grandma.  I simply can't seem to get enough of needlepoint.  Fortunately, there is only so much needlepoint one person can have in their home and only so few dollars in my wallet or we'd all be in trouble.  (And I haven't the time nor energy to learn a new craft.  Well, at least not THIS week.)

This is just a small assortment of the pillows, eye glass cases, cell phone cases, paperweights & footstools that we stumbled upon at the Jonathan Adler store in San Francisco today.  And a to-die-for orange apartment sofa thrown in for good measure.  I want them all.  I bought one.  Because I really, truly "NEEDED" a new eyeglass case.  Really.  You'll have to trust me on that one.

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