Sunday, January 18, 2009


Meet Bean.

Now, everyone that knows me understands that I have a soft side for Boston Terriers but OH MY GOODNESS. Checkout the amazing handmade sweaters and accessories from Beantown Handmade on this gorgeous pup. I have never seen anything like these in any pet store I've been in. Truly remarkable works of art fitting for even this little *American Gentleman*.

And this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't pay tribute to our little girl, may she rest in peace. We miss you & love you dearly Bella Bean!


Quirky said...

The hats are hysterical and adorable! Will dogs keep them on? I'm in FL and have no need for this cute couture.

Elizabeth said...

It's time for you to get a dog. Period. Anyway, have you heard of I think it's a UK/France/Germany version of Etsy but I'm not sure. Maybe could be of use to you while the cpsia trouble works its way out???