Sunday, January 4, 2009

our new look

As you may have noticed, we have a new introductory section to this blog. I'm doing what I can to showcase some of the awesome Etsy talent that is at risk due to the overzealous consumer product safety improvement act that goes into affect February 10. Obviously, there are a number of organizations rallying in opposition to this act and the optimist in me has faith that the commission will see how outrageous the requirements are in their current form. But, until that time, and if you know me you will understand, I simply cannot remain quiet.

I will, however, stop bitching about the problem and instead I will start posting images from fellow etsians that want to display their work here. I am honored that they have agreed to let me share it with you and I hope to make a bold statement. It is a travesty that these safe, handcrafted products may no longer be available due to the blatant indiscretions of a few greedy corporations.

So please drop by the shops we've pictured above and send some love their way if you're so inclined.

In addition, here are a few links about the cpsia that I've found extremely helpful in case you feel like reading up as well...
cool mom picks
etsy storque
handmade toy alliance

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kristi said...

You might have noticed that I was forced to relocate these minis to the sidebar due to an overwhelming response. I am, however, thrilled to post more where they are so bring 'em on!