Sunday, January 18, 2009

the skinny on road10

Tonight I stumbled upon a new EtsyMom in the team's forum. Her store is called Road10 and she sells "Wonderfully aged goodies for collecting and creating!" I have to say, I don't know all that much about vintage but her shop is simply darling. The product is whimsical and photographed in such a way that the entire assortment merchandises so well together. But don't trust me, take a look and see for yourself!

I got a particular chuckle out of the listing shown above. It's for a Vintage McCall's Child's Dress and Jacket Pattern. Circa 1966. Can you see the small print on the very bottom of the cover? It says, "NOT SUITABLE FOR CHUBBY GIRLS". Truly. Look closely. It really says that.

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Quirky said...

there use to be a "chubby" section in Sears when I was little. Not too humiliating HUH?
And besides a slight drop waist and jacket is a perfect style for the non toothpick girls!