Thursday, January 15, 2009

circus act

Have you seen this interview with Julie Vallese, former Chairperson of the US CPSC? I have no idea why they let her give an interview on her last day in office but it's just plain embarrassing for everyone involved. I mean, I get that she didn't draft the law but really, you think she could be a little more articulate when speaking about it. And how dare she take a jab at "mommy bloggers" for calling out all of the flaws in this broad piece of legislation that clearly even she doesn't take seriously. Truly, it makes you want to laugh, cry, gasp and scream when you hear her say that the CPSC "does not believe that lead test kids are accurate" but "they can look at" the product was her response to how consignment shop owners should screen their products to gain " a level of confidence that they are meeting the law". WTF?

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