Thursday, January 27, 2011

crew cuts.

I know I've blogged about them before but when I saw these silver and gold clogs by Sven on their website tonight I just about knocked the bulldoggie off the sofa. Granted, at $78 they are far too expensive for a child that needs to shoes every six months, but STILL.  I mean, how much do I wish I could wear them? Or any of the darling items pictured above for that matter.  Why is it that I wouldn't wear anything from JCrew myself but I could fill Zuzu's closet with it? (If I felt it reasonable to throw money away on a 4 year old's attire when she's perfectly happy wearing hand me downs and two year old, too short jeans.)  Hmmmm, maybe it's because I don't wear silk, ruffles or flowers.  But maybe I should...

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